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The Child Trust Fund (CTF) is a UK government initiative designed to help parents save for their children's future and to give their children a "head start" in life. The money in the Child Trust Fund is untouchable by the child until 18 years of age and belongs to them. Anyone can contribute to the Child Trust Fund (CTF) such as Family and friends. All children born after September 1, 2002 will receive a £250 voucher from the Government to start their account.

Child Trust Funds are a fantastic way to save for your Children's future. There are many types of Child Trust Funds available and helps you find the most suitable for your Child and we help you further by helping you to Compare Child Trust Funds. You can choose from Share, Sharia, Stakeholder and Savings.

With the multitude of choices of Child Trust Funds available to you, you need to know all the information that you can to enable you to make the right decision on the Best Child Trust Funds that is most suitable for your child.

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